bow hairstyles for women in 2015

Best Hairstyles for Women in 2015

Are you going to change your hairstyle at this year? There must be a lot of style that is going to be happening in 2015. Therefore, you can choose one of those hairstyles that are considered to be the right style for you. Before getting started, it is better for you to search for the latest hairstyle at this year. Do you have difficulty? Do not worry. You can find […]

alexa chung haircut thick hair

Inspiring Alexa Chung Hairstyles

Are you a fan of Alexa Chung? Most people adore her because of her look. Just take a look at her hair. She always looks natural with her hairstyle. She does not like to create complicated hairstyle at any occasions.  Although she does not apply mush styles to her hair, she still looks fabulous. This natural hairstyle is very suitable for you who want to look simple but attractive. Therefore, […]

short hair wedding styles with veil

Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair: your Unique Image

Good news for all owners of short hair – the wedding hairstyles for short hair, made by a skilled master, look extremely stylish.

simple medium hair updos

How to Style Medium Hair

Do you have difficulty to style your hair? Do not worry about it. You can have the right style suitable for the length of your hair. Also, you can choose the right style if you are going to attend at an occasion. In fact, there are many styles for the hair. If you have medium hair, it is quite easy to style it. Of course, you do not need to […]

good haircuts for long hair

The Loveliest Trendy Hair-cuts for Long Hair

The new fashion season is characterized by a great variety of interesting hair-cuts for long hair. A cascade. It should not be boring. Different types of curling, fringed ends, bright colors, coloring, and styling are welcome. Thick bangs, covering the eyebrow line, and perfectly straight hair are the hit of season 2015.

wedding guest hairstyles for shoulder length hair

Hairstyles for Wedding Guest

Are you going to attend a wedding party? There must be some preparations that you should do. One of them is to prepare the right dress. It can be related to the theme of the party. Also, the dress must be ideal for the venue. The next important thing is about the hairstyle. There are many hairstyles that you can follow. All of them must be able to improve your […]

bow hairstyles for woman

Bows Hairstyles to Look Younger

Are you searching for a way to look younger? There are many ways that you can choose. The first one is by choosing the right outfit. You can choose a brighter color for your clothes or dress. Also, try to apply natural make up for your everyday life. Then another important thing is to choose the right hairstyle. There are many hairstyles that are able to improve your look to […]

hair color and styles for short hair

Short Hair Color Trends 2014

Every woman must love their hairstyle. Sure they want to look more beautiful with the Short Hair Color Trends or the Short Hair Color Trends 2013 that are still loved and become the trend for today. Indeed, women will try every hairstyle that is in trend today. It is because the trend of the hairstyle is also a lifestyle that always changes every time. You may love the current trend […]

styling wavy hair

Beach Wavy Hairstyle: the Simple Hairstyle

Wavy hair is one of cute hairstyle. The wavy hair is one of the popular hairstyle which is loved by the common women lately, since this is one of cute hairstyle that can give cute look for the women who use this cute hairstyle. Among the other type of the wavy hairstyle, the beach wavy hairstyle is one of the most favorite hairstyle which is wanted by most of women […]

wedding hairstyles updos

Choosing a Wedding Hairstyle, which is Suitable for a Dress

How to pick up ideal wedding haircut and set, which will make the bride`s image look perfect and complete? A perfect option is making a wedding hairstyle, designed in the same style as a wedding suit.  For instance, the noble simplicity and flowing lines of an “antique” or “empire” dress can be complemented with a Greek hairstyle, including soft curls, raised up, and, surely, framing a face, weaving elements, fresh […]

mens long hairstyles 2015

The Male Hairstyles 2015

Let’s start with male short haircuts. They are very popular and create a masculine, sporty, active image. These include, first of all, butch and faux hawk haircuts.

Fashionable Evening Hairstyles3

Fashionable Evening Hairstyles

The hairstyle “A French fold”. It is made of long, straight hair, using braids, tied at the temples and gathered in a ponytail with other strands. Bangs with such a hairdo is missing. If you have them, you should backcomb and fix them over the forehead.

Tennis hairstyle for men

A Tennis Haircut and its Variants

Having originated as “a convenient haircut for playing tennis”, this hairstyle quickly became popular with both male athletes and the rest of men.

hair updos for medium hair

Wedding Hair Updos for Medium Hair

Who says you cannot do a hair updo for medium hair? It is perfect for the brides, who want to highlight the neck and décolleté. The hairstyle, gathered in the shell, bun or intricate curls, decorated with pins or flowers, will make any bride look like a fairy-tale tender princess. Updos perfectly suit classic dresses with bare shoulders.

hairstyles side shaved

What a Male Haircut with Shaved Temples Looks like

Today, boring hairstyles are out of fashion. A male haircut with shaved temples is the bright, eccentric trend, emphasizing individuality and claiming that its owner is ready for the most daring experiments.

wedding hair and makeup

The Romantic Style of Wedding Hair Sets

First of all, you need to determine the style of your wedding hair set. You should carefully think over what hairstyle will suit you the best.

Fashionable Hair Sets for Long Hair3

Fashionable Hair Sets for Long Hair

One should not trim long hair, in any case, but one should make it look in the most natural way and decorate it – that’s the motto of fashionable hairstyles for long hair.

hair haircuts

The Rules of Selecting Male Haircuts for Medium Hair

A hairstyle for medium hair will suit any man; the main thing is to pick it up, taking into account his individual facial and hair features, as well as the amount of time, which he can spend on its styling. Choosing a haircut, according to the type of a face. An oval face. A proportionally balanced oval face requires no specific hairdressing techniques.