pictures of pixie haircuts

Short Feminine Pixie Haircuts Ideas

The Short Feminine Pixie Haircuts can be considered as a good idea for you who want to try any new hair cut for your look. It’s not a bad thing to take little risk in your appearance, as long as you do not change your own image. Hair will only make new kind of charisma from your look, but you can still maintain your femininity from this hairstyle. However, we […]

How to Make a Bow Hairdo2

How to Make a “Bow” Hairdo

A cute hairstyle with a childish title “bow” gained particular popularity recently. It is suitable to those, who have long hair; besides, it is not difficult to make such a hairdo alone at home.

riding hood hood

A “Hood” Hairstyle

With the help of weaving, one can create not only tight braids, but also the light hairstyle, in which loose hair is fixed in the form of a hood.

christina aguilera hairstyles

Christina Aguilera Hairstyles Idea

Are you a fan of blonde hairstyle? Want to have feminine look with right blonde combination? Then you should consider the Christina Aguilera Hairstyles as the right role model for your hair. It will be really a perfect choice for you to follow her hairstyle, related to many of her creative way in combine her blonde type of hair. She always looks stunning and beautiful with many kind of blonde […]

wedding hairstyles for long hair

Wedding Hairstyles with Tiaras

If you have a wedding soon, and you have not yet determined your image, it’s time to think not only about the dress, but also about the hairstyle. Wedding hairstyles with tiaras are a safe choice, as this truly royal accessory will make a girl look great and accentuate her femininity and beauty.

little girl hairstyles for school

Daily Hairstyles for School

There are many variants of children hairstyles. Children want to be different from their agemates at school, so they prefer stylish, modern hairstyles. Moms want their kid`s hairstyles to be neat and easy to make. One can reach a compromise by selecting a simple and stylish hairstyle from the options, described below.

mila kunis hairstyles

Recommended Mila Kunis Hairstyles for Inspirations

Mila Kunis is one of many celebrities whom you can follow, especially on her hairstyles. You may get inspirations on how to choose and get Mila Kunis hairstyles which suit you by checking out the hairstyles which are ever worn by Mila Kunis. There are so many Mila Kunis hairstyle tutorials which show that many people devote her hairstyles. Here are some recommended hairstyles which are inspirational from the gorgeous […]

blonde and red hair color ideas

Inspirational Celebrity red hair color ideas

Celebrity always changes their appearance including hairstyle. They are trend setters that always prioritize perfect appearance. Public tend to imitate hairstyle of celebrities. Celebrity has exclusive hairstyle that becomes their identity. Celebrities should have their own styles to ease public recognize them. Celebrity red hair color ideas are inspiration for people who want to improve their sex appeal. Red hair colors will make you look awesome. It is time to […]

children hairstyle

Children Hairstyles: a Braid “Aladdin”

The braid, like the one of Princess Jasmine from the popular animated film “Aladdin”, is the perfect solution for the owners of long thin hair. You can create a luxurious and voluminous braid even of not very thick hair. For this you need a gaufre iron and some skills. Comb the washed and dried hair.

childrens bridesmaid hairstyles

Children Hairstyles

Girls are interested in their appearance since childhood as well as want to look like their stylish mothers.

hair style set

Simple Hair Sets for Every Day

Simple everyday hair sets are very popular. If you visit the salon every day, all your wages will be spent on hair styling, but after all, modern women have many other needs and requests to spend money.

Hairstyles for the Hair

Hairstyles for the Hair of Medium Length with one`s Own Hands

Wearing the hair of average length was very popular in 2012/2013. Thereafter, such hair length is loved by many women on the runway and in the street. To determine whether your hair length is average, you can use such a test, proposed by stylists. The hair of medium length should reach down to your shoulders or three fingers below the shoulders. If it is any longer, you have long hair.

hairstyle ideas

How to Make a Hairstyle for a Disco

A disco means fun, bright colors, movement, and, surely, a non-standard hairstyle. Is it possible to create the hairstyle, which is bolder that a usual one, personalized, sexual, not very complex and stable at home? Sure. Create “wet” strands, and they will make you the princess at the disco.

how to style long layered hair

Layered Long Hair Ideas

One of the most favorite hairstyles is the ideas of layered long hair. As you see the photos or pictures about the women with the layered hairstyles, this is the beautiful hairstyle that can be styled to a woman with long and medium hair. The shorter hair will never look perfect with this one. The hairstyle with layers looks very dramatic with the ideas and some touches of the colors […]

Styling Long Hair Properly2

Styling Long Hair Properly

Any woman can become a master for herself, and, therefore, there is a large room for imagination; and, as for time, it is unlimited. It is clear that to look royal, one needs to have certain experience.

hairstyles for weddings

Choosing the Wedding Hairstyle, Suitable for the Shape of a Head

Whichever image you would choose, it must be harmonious and beautiful. Even the most peculiar variants can be perfectly combined with each other.

How to Make Hairstyles, Using Hairagami Pins1

How to Make Hairstyles, Using Hairagami Pins

Hairstyles for long hair are considered to be the most beautiful – such hairstyles are characterized by a variety of forms, technique and functionality. According to their functionality, haircuts for long hair are divided into evening and every day hairstyles. According to the technology of creating, haircuts for long hair can be divided into hairstyles with braids (hairstyles with braids are mainly used for long hair), cascade-haircuts (multilevel haircuts with […]

long hairstyles for formal events

Formal Long Hairstyles for Women

Your hairstyles must be set properly to adjust theme of event that you join. To attend formal events, you need to create special hairstyles that differ from casual hairstyles. Women are more troublesome determining kinds of hairstyles for formal events. Formal Long Hairstyles are more interesting because women with long hair have many choices of formal hairstyle to apply. Although short hairstyle is very simple and does not require much […]