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A Rhapsody-Haircut

Comb and moisten the hair. Next, divide it into several zones. Then divide the hair with a central vertical part from the middle of the forehead through the top to the middle of the neck. Next, divide the strand, adjacent to the forehead, with a horizontal part, and comb it down, to the face. Cut the separated strand straight on the level of the bridge or tip of the nose.

medium shag hairstyles

The Medium Shag Hairstyles for Women

What kind of hairstyle do you like most? You can see the different hairstyles while you are walking on the crowded street. Those hairstyles are the result of the hairstyles invention by the professional hairstylists. It has a big possibility that you will also find the medium shag hairstyles for women among the people’s hairstyles. If you are interested in it, you can browse further information related to this hairstyle. […]

Hairstyles for Long Hair3

Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long hair is the embodiment of eternal femininity. Lush waves of loose hair fascinated poets` souls and lovers` hearts. And twisted braids, curls and other sophisticated hairstyles for long hair crowned the heads of both ordinary women and queens better than any precious tiara.

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Hairstyles for Little Girls

Women, regardless of their age, try to look the most beautiful and attractive, and it all begins with dressing in the mother’s dress and high-heeled shoes. And, surely, little fashionistas are so eager to have the most beautiful hairstyles. Therefore, parents, bringing up a princess, should consider this issue, especially if they plan some celebration.

short hairstyles for thick hair and oval face

The Appropriate Short Hairstyles for Oval Faces

Do you have oval face? It will be better that you know the appropriate hairstyles for oval faces. It will be different from the round faces. If you are comfortable with short hair, you have to apply the short hairstyles for oval faces. It does not contain one hairstyle only so you do not need to worry about it. You can change your hairstyles when you are bored with one […]

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Whom a Cascade-Haircut Suits

A cascade-haircut became popular in the fashion world since the late 80s. Since then, it has become classic, besides, it is performed in many variations and suits women with any face shape. 

for wedding hairstyles

Ideas of Wedding Braids

Braids, never losing their relevance, are the bride`s traditional decoration. All sorts of their variations allow one to create hairstyles in many different styles.

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Curling Short Hair

  Voluminous curls will make your image more feminine and romantic. Before styling, one should thoroughly wash his hair and dry it with a towel, leaving slightly damp. Then one should apply hair setting gel of a desirable fixation degree along the full length of tresses and wait, until they are completely dry.

wedding hairstyles for long hair

Wedding Hairstyles

Long hair, the symbol of femininity and elegance, becomes the chief decoration of any woman on a holiday. Especially, if to speak about such an important event as a wedding.

Hairstyles for Short Hair

Hairstyles for Short Hair

Nowadays a short haircut is a nice option for those women, who want to look great and do not have enough time to care for long hair. By reading the following article, you will get aware of the means, using which you can make your short hair look gorgeous.

step by step waterfall braid

How to Make a Waterfall Braid

A waterfall braid got its name from the light strands, which are pulled out from the braid and resemble flowing water. Such a braid will perfectly suit the image of both a romantic and delicate beauty of the Middle Ages and a modern sensible queen of all male hearts. A waterfall braid is appropriate for both everyday hair sets and a hairstyle for a romantic evening. Wearing such a hair […]

lady gaga crazy hairstyles

Fashion and Lady Gaga Hairstyles

Hairstyle is an important thing that takes big role in someone’s appearance, especially when they are public figure. At some points, society prefer to follow the actress , actor or any popular people’s fashion detail as their role model, Related to that, Lady Gaga Hairstyles also can be considered as the famous one. Everyone knows how unique is her hairstyle, and some of them also follow it as their daily […]

popular hairstyles

The Most Popular Wedding Hairstyles

A Semi-gathered Version with Curls One of the most romantic styles of wedding hair sets. On the one hand, hair is gathered, and, on the other hand, hair is loose. Furthermore, it is a more convenient option than just loose hair, since in this case your hair will not get into your eyes. It is popular with celebrities, too.  Many stars prefer this style due to its practicality and beauty. […]

2014 hair color ideas

Awesome Bold Hair Color Ideas

Change your mood to be better by changing your hair color. Hair colors are differentiated into several types. Bold hair color ideas are hair color that result glaring and eye catching look. Not all people dare to apply bold hair color ideas 2012. They who don’t want to try bold hair color feel unconfident for dramatic hair color ideas. But if you are expressive person, you need to take bold […]

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Wedding Hairstyles: Current Trends

Present-day wedding hairstyles are rather simple and convenient. Sophisticated constructions, decorated with excessive intricate shapes and back combing and fixed with a generous layer of hairspray, are no longer fashionable. Today a bride does not have to worry that her hair set may spoil at the crucial moment; she may just enjoy her perfect look and a holiday.

feathered hair

Wearing Feathers in the Hair – a New Trend of Hairstyles

Feathers in the hair are a beautiful and trendy way of decorating the hair, which is getting fashionable all over the world. Tresses with natural bird feathers are unique in design and pattern, as well as suitable for any hair length. If the feathers are too long, they can be easily and simply shortened and cut to the length of your hair.

taylor swift curly hair tips

Taylor Swift Hairstyles Choice

As we know, Taylor Swift Hairstyles are a kind of popular thing for many people nowadays. It’s because of her beauty that really makes most of girls around the world jealous with her. Beside of her beautiful voice, she also has beautiful face and also beautiful hairstyle. No matter what, her hairstyle is a big thing, especially for her fans, so we can consider it as great kind of trend. […]

glam hairstyles

Glam Hairstyle: for Glamorous Occasion

The common women usually remodel their old hairstyle with the new one, since the common women can get bored easily with their current hairstyle. The common women are commonly always tempted with new hairstyle. They want to always follow that latest hairstyle which has been the popular one. Glam hairstyle are the other women’s hairstyle which has been the popular hairstyle. But this glam style for hair is kind of […]